How To Contact Your Town Meeting Member

How To Send EMail Your Town Meeting Member

  • Members are listed by Precinct on Members page
  • Find the member’s email name
  • Enter their email name followed by

Example Paul.Revere then

How To Send EMail To All Precinct Members

  • Enter “Precinct” followed by the number followed by “”
  • Enter “AtLarge” followed by “” for At Large members

Example Precinct4 then
Example Atlarge then

Please Note:

  • Most but not all Town Meeting Members have enrolled in their precinct email group
  • Most but not all Town Meeting Members have individual email addresses.


The purpose of this system is to facilitate contact between the public and their own precinct’s Town Meeting Members regarding municipal issues, and to allow Town Meeting Members to discuss precinct-specific issues among themselves.

• Do not use this email system for commercial or political campaign purposes.

• Subject matter must regard issues that are actionable at the municipal government level.

• When using this system, both the public and Town Meeting Members should address only their own precinct unless that particular precinct issue also affects a neighboring precinct.

• To reach all Town Meeting Members, please ask a Town Meeting Member to post your email as a courtesy, to the Town Meeting Members Google Group. This will allow all Town Meeting Members to follow the same discussion thread.

• As with all Town Meeting communications, a high level of civility is required. Statements must address the issue, not the person and must not impute motive.

Other Ways To Contact Precinct Mmebers

  • By phone - phone numbers can be found on the Members page
  • By postal mail - addresses can also be found on the Members page

Please note: sometimes emails do not go through. If you email your Town Meeting member and you do not hear back try phone or postal mail.

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