About the Town Meeting Members Association

What we do

The Lexington Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA) mission is to help establish the factual basis necessary for intelligent decisions by Town Meeting Members, to facilitate communication about the Town Meeting process to the voting public, and to assist in other constructive, non-partisan ways in the government of Lexington Massachusetts. Not an official Town body, though its membership is essentially all the elected Town Meeting Members, it is a private volunteer group operating under its own by-laws and supported primarily by annual dues.

Some of the activities performed by members of the TMMA include:

See the Initiatives page for more details on these activities.


Who we are

Lexington is divided into 9 precincts. 21 Town Meeting members are elected as representatives of residents in each precinct. In addition, there are At Large Members who are a designated set of Town and State Officials residing in Lexington. Thus there are a total of 189 elected members plus potentially 12 Members-at-Large if the people occupying these positions live in Lexington. These positions are: Town Meeting Moderator, Town Clerk, all five Selectmen, the chairman of the Appropriation Committee, the chairman of the School Committee, the Town Revenue Officer, the Town Counsel and any member of the State Legislature living in the Town. Click on the item below for more details about current Town Meeting members.

Executive Committee

The TMMA Executive Committee provides continuity of services to the Town Meeting Members during the times that the Town meeting is not in session. Click on the following items for more details.

Bylaws & Policies

The By-laws of the Town Meeting Members Association have four Articles and describe the Purpose, General Organization, and Precinct Organization of the Association as well as the method to amend the bylaws. TMMA Policies are rules that have been established by the TMMA Executive Committee.

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