TMMA EMail Discussion List

The TMMA email list is a Google Groups discussion list where Town Meeting Members may participate in discussions relating to the Lexington Town Meeting. The public is welcome to read all postings, but membership and posting is limited to members of Town Meeting, official town committees and certain town staff. Individuals may ask a Town Meeting Member to post their email as a courtesy, to the Town Meeting Members Google Group. This will allow all Town Meeting Members to follow the same discussion thread.

There are two important documents relating to the Lexington TMMA EMail List:

Google EMail Lists

The TMMA maintains email listings so that anyone can email individual or groups of Town Meeting members. The purpose of this system is to facilitate contact between the public and their own precinct’s Town Meeting Members regarding municipal issues, and to allow Town Meeting Members to discuss precinct-specific issues among themselves. This is an email only system, there is no forum or archive to track emails or replies. Once you send an email, the receiver of the email can choose to reply, ignore, or forward your email. Anyone accessing the TMMA email lists must comply with the Email Acceptable Use Policy. This can be found of the page How To Contact Your Town Meeting Member.

Contact Us

If you have a question about TMMA as an organization or about the TMMA Web Site, please contact the appropriate person of the Executive Committee (see link below).

If you have a question or comment about the articles before Town Meeting or any other Town related issue, we suggest you contact one or more of your Town Meeting members (see link below). Your Town Meeting member will often be willing to post your message to TMMA e-mail list as a courtesy.

Link to the TMMA EMail Discussion List (Google Groups)

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